Top reviews for Pasty House in the Great Plymouth Pasty Off!

Top reviews for Pasty House in the Great Plymouth Pasty Off!

The great Plymouth pasty-off: A review of every pasty available in Plymouth city centre

Six competitors, only one winner!

Rachael Dodd @RDoddHerald

By RDoddHerald Plymouth Herald  |  Tue 23 Aug 2016

Plymouth is chock-full of choice when it comes to the traditional pasty, but which city-based shop produces a pasty to make Janners proud?Herald reporter Rachael Dodd has pitted six major pasty purveyors against each other and conducted an independent taste test to see if we can suss out, once and for all, who the champion pasty maker might be.


All six shops were within walking distance of each other and bought at the same time (around 1pm).

Do you agree with our verdict?



An even blend of swede, potato and beef here and the filling is the perfect amount of wet; neither gravy-like or too dry to swallow. One criticism would be the amount of pepper, the tongue feels a little too warm after a mouthful. The pastry is golden and doesn’t feel soggy in any way and the meat is nicely browned and free of any gristle or fat.


A firm texture with a moist filling and soft, but not overcooked, vegetables.


There’s a roughness and variation to this pasty which draws the eye and gives a handmade feel. The crimping is simple but attractive

Verdict: Strong flavours and a satisfying filling are a winning combination. This is the pasty you imagine when someone asks you to picture one. 9/10




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